Rosemary Fifield

  Author of Contemporary Women's Fiction

The Balestra sisters — Gianna, Connie, and Angie — live with their parents in the quarry town of Stoneham, Vermont.

To date their lives as first-generation American kids have been typical of others in their Italian neighborhood, but in the summer of 1968, that is about to change.

Racial unrest and the Vietnam War are beginning to hit home, but even those events can't explain why their parents seem overly protective.

Or why fifteen-year-old Angie cries herself to sleep at night.


When Gianna's new boyfriend brings issues of his own,  Connie unearths the secrets her family hides.

What she learns about prejudice and persecution in twentieth-century Vermont history leaves her wondering about the young man she's fallen in love with and the part his family may have played in that persecution.

The Keeping is historical fiction based on true events in Vermont history.