Rosemary Fifield

  Author of Contemporary Women's Fiction

Fifteen-year-old Beth Penfield is aware that tragic circumstances surrounded the day of her birth, but she has never sought to learn more.


That all changes in her sophomore year with the arrival of two newcomers to her high school — a tough male student with a questionable past and a meddling special ed teacher with an unusual interest in Beth's personal life.


Trey Galen is a homely kid with attitude, a transplant from New York state who has come to Beth's Vermont high school as a tuition student boarding with a local family for the school year. Despite her initial negative reaction to his street-tough ways, she finds herself attracted to him more and more, especially when her father reacts negatively to the prospect of her having a boyfriend at her age.


Lindy Beaumont is the teacher who has no reason to interact with Beth professionally, yet goes out of her way to befriend her. Before long it becomes obvious, however, that Ms. Beaumont is not her friend, as the woman's connection with Beth's family becomes more convoluted and her influence on Trey more suspect.


As Beth seeks the answers to the rumors and innuendo that now come her way, she must face the reality of who she is and what that means to all that she holds dear.



Note: This book is suitable for Young Adult/New Adult readers fourteen or over.