Rosemary Fifield

  Author of Contemporary Women's Fiction

Newly divorced, Becky Slater finds herself living alone on a remote Vermont back road. She knows only the dairy-farming O'Connor family and Hayden Flynn, the quiet young handyman from a frighteningly dysfunctional family down the road.

Her friendship with the O'Connors becomes central to her future, especially as she seeks to sort out her relationship with Hayden, who both fascinates and frightens her.

As the truth about the O'Connors begins to unfold, however, Becky finds herself fluctuating between being the counseled and the counselor.

When an extramarital pregnancy changes everyone's lives and threatens the survival of this farming family, the startling revelations reaffirm Becky's doubts about commitment and fidelity, sending her down a road from which it will be difficult to return.

Note: This book is intended for adult readers and contains adult themes.