Rosemary Fifield

  Author of Contemporary Women's Fiction

I write Contemporary Women's Fiction as Rosemary Fifield and Young Adult novels as Mia Grace.

While consumer education has been my profession, writing novels is my passion. A day made in heaven is one in which I can lose myself in a place and time of my own creation and hang out with the people who inhabit it.

Finishing a book is often more of a let-down than you might think. The characters I've created have become real people to me, and now I'll no longer spend time with them on a daily basis. It's like having friends move far away!

The only antidote is to start another novel or, better yet, write a sequel.

I live in Vermont, the setting for all of my novels to date. It's a beautiful place to live and a wonderful place to write about. Small New England towns are fascinating places with plenty of history and stories to be told!